Ok y'all, what do you think my chances actually are?

Hey y’all,

I know my chances are fairly low, but I applied Northwestern on ED.

I have a 30 ACT, 3.97 GPA, and took AP classes all 4 years of high school and from Oklahoma, team captain of the policy debate team and tennis team, did four years of policy debate and tennis and have been a 4 time state champion. Also owned a start up. I applied to the poli sci program. I am also Asian, but did not submit AP scores or SAT.

I also participate in debate and have been in contact with the school about it.

I have been very nervous about getting in, but I have a story of how I was in a coma (the coma sucked).

What do you think my chances are?

Thanks y’all

Northwestern University forensics is among the top debate teams in the country.

Obviously your ACT score is low for NU.

Cannot assess your chance for admission as your essays, ECs & teacher recs may be outstanding and have a significant impact on the admissions decision.