okay does ANYBODY know??

I am a senior in highschool interested in G.W. Elliot School of International Affairs. I have been debating weather or not it would be a good idea to bind myself. I am willing to if my gpa/standerdized test scores are borderline to its standards, but if I have a good shot of getting in as a regular descision applicant, I would rather do that. The problem is, I have not been able to find the freshman profile specifically of Elliot, only the school’s as a whole. I was wondering if you could give me some insight- my current gpa is 3.75 (unweigted its at a 3.49), my acts are at a 27, and my sats are v-670 m-580. I have taken a decent amount of AP/honors classes, and participated in 2 clubs and have been on the tennis team for all 4 years. If you could give me any advice, it would be greatly appreciated. Also, if my chances are slim weather or not I apply ED, would it be a good idea to apply to columbia and try and transfer out later?

<p>ummm am i doing something wrong???</p>

<p>Unfortunately, I don't know the answer to your question.
You probably will have a better chance of getting attention from people familiar with GW's Elliott School if you use a subject header like "Question: GW Elliott School Admission". Right now,your subject header is too vague. Most people don't read every message, just those that have subjects interesting to them.</p>