OKAY major CR help needed

<p>I suck at CR (580) can anyone tell me how to ace this section? Any good tips, advice, links?? Just send them this way please :)</p>

<p>Thanks in advance

<p>Try getting the Direct Hits Vol 1&2 books and memorize all the words-I guarantee you'll see many of them on the SATs. Also, I would get RocketReview Revolution-although it's out of print and really expensive on Amazon, it contains many great tips and strategies. Barron's 2400 is also pretty good at providing test-taking strategies for CR. For practice tests, you can use either BB or McGraw Hill.</p>

<p>Since your scoring so low (well still above average), I recommend you take 2 or 3 CR practice sections with unlimited timing. With unlimited timing you can fully analyze what the author is trying to say and you can pay close attention to the specifics of the passage. Only once you start getting 650+ (unlimited timing) would I recommend putting a timing barrier on yourself. </p>

<p>For vocab just buy Direct Hits Volumes 1 and 2. They teach you the words very well and it doesn't seem like rote memorization.</p>

<p>I scored in the 500's (no prep) and am currently doing that ^</p>

<p>I'm at mid 600s now... hoping for 700+</p>

<p>Grammatix method works for some people.</p>

<p>How do your scores break down?</p>

<p>thnx guys i'll try it later :)</p>

<p>@lolcake my scores were much better for the sentence completion than the passage based</p>

<p>Read Silverturtle's guide and then practice, practice, practice.</p>

<p>thnx so far... can anyone else help plz?</p>

<p>i got a 450.....i atleast wanna get 600.........any more tips guz....i cannot finish....i m a foreign student ...may be thats y my score is o low...</p>

<p>While we're on the topic, anybody know if PSATs are tougher than SATs? I just took the CR sections on a PSAT, went 24 mins overtime, and managed only a 630. Usually I score 650 on official SATs with little or no extra time.</p>

<p>OKAY can Anyone else help???????</p>