Okay, so is it just me or...

<p>Does it seem like, when all is said and done, and we're finally looking at the "Print Preview" of our applications, it seems like there's a LOT of empty space?</p>

<p>Maybe it's the fact that the Common App has places for things like "Parent phone number," yet gives you nowhere on the actual interface to type that in.</p>

<p>I dunno, just something I noticed. I mean, I have a ton of ECs, awards, etc. but I had this feeling like the application was incomplete when it came time to finally submit it.</p>

<p>Alright I'm weird.</p>

<p>you're just sick from too much college apping... :) Have some sleep and you will be fine!</p>

<p>Don't worry about it
if you hadn't filled it all in, common app would have mentioned it at the top when you clicked save or submit.
You are fine! Go enjoy! You're all done :-P (unless you have USC, Georgetown or any other school left, in that case, your most of your way through)