Okay, this is weird...

<p>I have sent my scores approximately a week before the deadline using score rushing through collegeboard. However, as of November 16, Stanford has told me it has not received my scores yet even though it has processed everything. In my collegeboard profile, the status for my scores is "sent". What happened? And do I have to resend it? Is this normal? Please tell me this is normal... >.<</p>

<p>Obviously I'm not an admissions officer, but from what I understand, this is normal.</p>

<p>As long as you sent them in, it's fine. They'll get to your numbers eventually.</p>

<p>So do I have to send them in again?</p>

<p>Is the name on your collegeboard SAT record exactly the same as on your Stanford account?. Might want to make sure. Stanford had 2 files for my son, and some records were in one and some were in another.</p>

<p>No, don't send the scores. The possible reason they haven't processed your scores is that they're dealing with thousands of applications, and they can't exactly do that overnight. Menloparkmom's hypothesis is plausible too, but if your names do end up matching, it's just a matter of time.</p>

<p>DO NOT USE "RUSH." Many colleges--I'm not sure if Stanford is one of them--do not accept rush reporting. I guess you should take it seriously and ask an admissions officer whether they accept rush score reporting or not.</p>