OKlahoma City U. summer music program

<p>My d will be auditioning for the summer opera program at OKlahoma City University. My question is does it make a difference whether you do a live audition or send Ina DVD?</p>

<p>I also have a question about the OCU program. Does it include private lessons? It doesn't say so anywhere in the literature. For that kind of money, I definitely want my kid to get private lessons. For the record, Westminster says "daily private lessons with faculty", and Oberlin and Eastman guarantee 2 private lessons a week. I just wanted to find out about OCU before we pay the application fee.</p>

<p>You get a half an hour lesson per week for the VP program. The faculty for that program is good, but I have serious reservations about their MT summer program as I have personally known of youngsters who incurred serious vocal damage as a result of overzealous faculty pushing them far beyond safe limits.
The programs overall tend to not be very well organized with chaotic check on conditions and, depending upon the year, living accommodations that are completely unacceptable.
Should anyone wish to discuss this further, please PM me.</p>