Oklahoma State "Scholar Day"

<p>I got an invite to attend OSU's "Scholar Day", where they talk about scholarships and their Honors College. This is the 2nd time they've solicited me with something other than the usual "blah blah blah, come here, we own etc...". The first time they said I could qualify for a ton of financial aid.</p>

<p>My traget school are texas and Baylor, but if given a ton of financial aid and accepted to an Honors College Program, I'd seriousaly consider a school like OSU.</p>

<p>My abbreviated stats:
94.5 GPA (15-76 in class, 2nd decile)
2030 SAT (630 M 660 CR 740 W)
Great EC's</p>

<p>Should I go and expect to get some serious scholarship money from OSU, or would I likely not get any more FA from them than I would my match/reach schools like Texas and baylor?</p>

<p>Hey I got the same thing from OSU (two or three times, like you). But I can't attend because I live in northern IA and my parents don't want to pay for all the gas to drive down. Its about 10 hours I think. My mom won't pay for a trip down there...but paid for spring break last year when we drove to 3 schools, all much further away than OSU. oh well, parents are like that.</p>

<p>anyways, I'm wondering the same thing as you. being out of state, tuition is hefty but i already know that i can get i think $6000 b/c of my ACT score. so you're not alone out there...i'm wondering the same thing as you!</p>