Old AP Exams?????

<p>Does anyone here know where I can find the multiple choice section of last year's AP exam (2005) for Physics B? I looked on the college board website and only found the free response section. Unless I am not looking in the right place, i cant seem to find it anywhere. Does anyone know?</p>


<p>collegeboard doesnt release MCs on AP exams, except to teachers</p>

<p>sucks, i know</p>

<p>Actually, the College Board does release (sell, actually) the</a> multiple choice questions of select exams.</p>

<p>Does CB sell ALL of the MC questions to teachers?</p>

<p>noo...otherwise the teachers would probably just give the mc questions and answers to the students which would totally screw up the results for that years exam (since i've heard that collegeboard reuses some mc questions for like a couple years or so).</p>

Does CB sell ALL of the MC questions to teachers?


<p>No. They publicly release exams on a staggered schedule of about four or five years. So, for instance, teachers would have access to the 2000 and 1995 exams in economics, but not the exams for the years in between.</p>

<p>One reason is that they reuse multiple choice questions (so that the exams can be compared and adjusted statistically), and presumably phase out questions after four or five years of use. They're also hesistant about protecting their intellectual property, I believe.</p>