Old science fair partner requesting old project with very sketchy story. What to do?

<p>So, like the title says my old science fair project partner is asking for our old board with a very sketchy story. It began with "oh, a lady wants it", to "oh it's for nothing, no big deal, don't worry. Do you have it?" She then asked if I had it four times, no joke. She told me the lady's name, then "Oh, it's just to show the new students how the scientific method works, I'll prob explain it, etc" She also refused to forward the e-mail the 'lady' sent her, and it took quite a while for her to tell me a more thorough story.</p>

<p>My questions were:
a) Why was I not also informed of this, as her partner?
b) Why does she need it so badly if it's just a presentation?</p>

<p>What hurts me most is that she's also my friend, and being so vague about what would seem like a simple situation. There was also a lot of animosity between us and some other friends earlier this year about academic competition and things, but I'm completely over that and it would hurt me that she isn't (in case she needs the project for something else, such as a new opportunity or something of the like. In which case, I would totally support her if she would only tell me the -truth-!).</p>

<p>So, what should I do? Withhold the project until she tells me a full, true, plausible story, lie and say it was thrown away just to spite her, or just give it to her without a word?</p>

<p>I would have her give you a legit, plausible story. It is her project just as much as it is yours, and you don't want to seem like you don't trust her, but this is pretty sketchy. If she really needs it, it shouldn't be hard for her to provide you with a truthful story, right?</p>