Old tuition bill

I dropped out grad school last term was able to come right back this term and receive fafsa. I owe from last term can the university take my stipend to pay for last term

No they can’t take your stipend, but you will not be able to register until you pay the bill

I was able to register I’m in third week of classes just waiting on fafsa . I told them I plan on setting up payment plan. So they can not take full stipend

Being able to register doesn’t mean you won’t be dropped for nonpayment. Why don’t you set up the payment plan now?

Your writing would be easier to read if you used proper capitalization and punctuation. If you’re a grad student, those are skills you’re going to need.

What does “just waiting on FAFSA” mean.

Many schools won’t award a nickel in additional aid until your bills from previous terms are paid in full.

Agree with above poster…if you don’t pay, there is a very strong likelihood you will be dropped from your classes.

What kind of stipend are you getting?

Get a payment plan set up now. Don’t wait till an adverse event happens and then you find yourself in a time crunch to get it fixed and you can’t. I know too many kids who got kicked out of classes, or had to leave a school that then refuses to release transcripts and records.

What aid are you getting through FAFSA? For grad school most likely just loans, right? You can borrow up to the COA with graduate and graduate plus loans, and the COA includes items the school won’t bill for like living expenses. Can you reduce your living expenses and use your excess loan refund to pay off your balance from last semester? I agree that you should be setting up a payment plan for this and not wait until this debt gets sent to collections and your credit be affected.