older books safe?

<p>hey i'm taking the sat ii chemistry test on the 6th, and all i have is a princeton review book from 2001-2002. does anybody know if this is ok to use, or has the test changed in the last few years? it seems really easy, so would you guys recommend investing in a new book from this year? or can i get a good score with this (750+) and save my money for college applications? thanks.</p>

<p>I always use old prep books, since my older brothers bought virtually every prep book available and I have no choice. The newer versions are similar, if not the exact same (with a different cover). </p>

<p>You should have no problem using the old SAT II chem book.</p>

<p>ok thanks..i'm just really apprehensive though..is anybody else totally sure that they didnt completely revamp the test or something in the last few years?</p>

<p>anybody? i'm really worried about this.</p>

<p>If they're anything like the AP PR review books DO NOT buy a new one. They are EXACTLY the same as the older editions, except for maybe a different cover. You will be fine with that one.</p>

<p>wow, ok thanks i'm gonna take this advice...hopefully i dont fail!</p>