Older editions?

<p>To those of you who have had older editions in the classroom, how was it like?</p>

<p>I am taking Econ, and i need the 8th edition of economics by parkin, but I already have the 7th. How will that affect me? Thanks in advance Dukies</p>

<p>You pretty much don't even use the textbook in econ51. I took it with fullenkamp and he only requires you to know the stuff that he has in his notes.</p>

<p>I think leachman is doing 51, she straight up told my class (though 2 years ago) that it doesn't matter what the textbook says, she is going to test you on what She says. The textbook is just for supplemental reading and backup. Go to every class, and write down every word she says, and you'll do good. She has been one of my favorite teachers, though I think she is probably a lot of people's least favorite.</p>

<p>so yea, old edition is fine</p>