Ole Miss Fraternities

Are fraternities a big part of Ole Miss? If I don’t rush will I be left out of the college life at Ole Miss? And if I do choose to join, which fraternities have the best reputation at UM?

Absolutely, joining the Greek system is a must there. It’s your social gateway. Many schools in the south run this way. A lot of them have you go to school a few weeks before it even starts so you can rush and already have that going when classes start and not interfere.

When we went on a tour, they said that 40% of kids at Ole Miss participated in Greek Life. My daughter is not sure if she is going to pledge. It’s a great way to make your world a little smaller at a big school. Dues for the sororities can run $4000/year.

There are a lot of non-Greek organizations available on the campus (espeically a lot of Christian ones) and you do not have to join a Fraternity to have a social life.