Ole Miss Scholarship Timeline for c/o 2024?

Does anyone know the timeline for notifications from Ole Miss about competitive and automatic scholarships? I am assuming invitations for competitive scholarships have already been sent out, but wanted to double-check. My understanding is that they do stack scholarships but I wasn’t clear when applicants are notified, esp. re: regular admission (already admitted) and honors college admittance/scholarships. Thanks!

I think it might be April 1st for competitive scholarships that you would have applied for through the portal. Honors college acceptance was sent in December for students who submitted by the priority deadline. If you go to the portal and click on your applications for scholarships or any other special program, you should be able to see the date when you will be notified of your results.

The Stamps Scholarship invitations have already gone out. I believe the other major merit scholarships fall in behind Stamps. They do stack scholarships. This is my recollection from last year but I believe they send you an email to your email address and your olemiss email address with the invitation to interview for a scholarship and/or scholarship award. Good Luck !!!