Ole Miss Scholarships

Good Afternoon,
I am a student who is possibly considering attending Ole Miss. I have a few different questions. I understand that besides general scholarships there are scholarships for individual programs. Can anyone please tell me what are the odds of me being accepted into the following programs and receiving a scholarship. I would very much appreciate students from prior years giving me their stats so I can reasonably estimate how much money I will most likely have to pay to attend this college. I am an International Diploma Student, and my SAT is 1310. I am planning on pursuing a double major in chemical engineering and Arabic. Here are the following programs I am applying for and the scholarship values …
1.) Honors College - (8,000 dollars per year)
2.) Center for Career Manufacturing Excellence (CME) - (8,000 dollars per year)
3.) Intensive Arabic Flag Ship Program - (2.5 Summer Tuition Credit) Does anyone know if there are any other special scholarships with this program?
4.) Engineering Scholarships. - (2,000 - 8000 dollars per year.)

I am also an out of state student. As of right now, I qualify for roughly 15,500 dollars in scholarship money based off STEM, General Test Scores, Holmes, and Residence.

I don’t think the Holmes is offered anymore, I no longer see it on any of the Ole Miss materials. It was there last year, but was removed sometime after the summer. The 1310 SAT gives you $7000, (You need to look at the column that says SAT-R if it’s a recent test) plus the STEM major is another $2,000. Assuming you live in one of the counties in TN and have a 3.5 GPA that gives you another $5,000.

The new scholarships are here: https://finaid.olemiss.edu/scholarships/#8

I have read on other threads here that the non-automatic scholarships are very competitive. I believe some of them have stats posted.

My son is also applying to the Honors College and CME. From what we’ve gathered, these programs have become very competitive just to get in, and extremely more competitive to get one of the scholarships offered by those programs, as only the top of the accepted students are awarded them.

I did find this on the Honors College website about the class of 2022: “Congratulations to the students accepted for admission for Fall 2018! This impressive group has a median ACT of 32 and an average high school GPA of 3.97.”

That’s not really a lot of information to judge against, but you can see how your test scores and grades compare to the average.

As stated, many of the departmental and special programs scholarships are very competitive. Holmes is no longer being awarded as in years past. So, remove that from your list. It’s always a good idea to communicate with the folks associated with the programs that you are interested in. Make a visit to campus and meet with Honors, CME, Engineering, etc. if you haven’t already done that. Best of luck in the process!