Ole Miss Scholarships

Looking for my S20 so we have time but trying to understand scholarships. He has an uwGPA: 4.0, wGPA: 4.25, ACT:35, will graduate with 11-12 AP/DE classes. Eagle Scout. Likely chem or similar stem type of major. It seems as if he would qualify for an automatic scholarship not just for grades and test scores but also for STEM major and Eagle Scout award? Do these all stack then?

They stack for some. STEM will only apply toward non-resident fee. If you already have it all waived, you won’t get that one.

My daughter just finished her first semester at Ole Miss. Ole Miss does stack scholarships. She has the non-competitive scholarships which pays for tuition. She has 3 additional scholarships that pays for room and board (Holmes Scholarship, accounting Scholarship and a band stipend). The only bad part is that tuition increases each year (we are out of state), but the amounts will not. This is true for all scholarships that are a dollar amount. I’m hoping that the increase will be around a $1000 a year, but no guarantees. She absolutely loves Ole Miss, and has made some wonderful friends!

So, as others have stated, Ole Miss scholarships do stack. The Academic Merit award will give you full nonresident tuition. Eagle Scout is automatic upon receipt of documentation. Other automatic awards include things like Student Body President, Valedictorian/Salutatorian… If your student applied to Honors, they award some scholarships. Then, completion of the special programs and scholarship application will put him in the running for other awards.