Ole Miss

I am from Philadelphia Pa. Ever since I was young I have been in love with southern culture. Something about it has has always appealed to me. I have always been drawn to Ole Miss. particularly. I have always loved the tradition and the campus looks absolutely gorgeous. I really could see myself fitting in there.I want to major in education and from the research I have done I don’t believe getting in will be a problem. Can People tell me their thoughts on the school and their experiences please!

We visited a year ago. I really liked it. Campus is compact and very pretty. Downtown Oxford is a mile or 2 away from campus …its small but has a variety of shops and restaurants. People in the north, especially the Northeast, will scoff at anything Southern, especially anything to do with Mississipi. I just think its their loss as there is a fine education to be had there if u apply yourself . Yeah u can probably party for 4.years and still graduate…but that isn’t unique to the south or ole miss. Ole ms has some great webcams from w hich u can get an idea of what the place looks like.

If u like Ole Miss, also check out Auburn…it’s 'a bit bigger, and the town is bigger, and the town is right across the street from campus. Both Ole Miss and Auburn have a very charming southern feel that I thought was missing at U of Alabama Tuscaloosa, & U of Tenn.

@moooop‌ I’ve never heard any anti-Mississipi rhetoric and I’ve lived in the northeast my whole life.

@gearmom I have heard it. I feel like when I tell my family I’m interested in ole miss they will kinda laugh at it, but oh well thats their problem

thanks! I will check them out! @moooop

You will have to pay OOS tuition, but they do have some automatic scholarships for different level of grades and scores that you might want to check if you qualify.

Following up on BrownParent’s note. OOS Tuition is about $17.7K a year. See the following link for Scholarships info:


Academic scholarships are available with a minimum 3.0 high-school GPA. a minimum 24 ACT (1090 SAT). For example, a 3.0+ GPA and 27 ACT score will qualify an OOS student for $2,200 + $3,000 towards non-resident fee. See the table in the above link. Also, see the scholarships that are available from the Center for Mathematics and Science Education for STEM graduates that plan on teaching.

Over 1/2 of all incoming freshman are OOS.

Good Luck!

Im a high school junior and I visited earlier this year and it was such a great experience. The campus and great and oxford is a really really cool town. Im not sure if I’m going to end up there, but I’m going to apply and who knows?

I also recommend you look at some other SEC schools. Auburn is probably the most similar to Ole Miss, but bigger. I will be visiting there sometime this spring. If you’re looking for a true southern college experience, I don’t think you could go wrong with Ole Miss.

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