Olin Class of 2020

Has anyone heard anything about the notification date? Last year they released them on 1/30 after saying they would be released the first week of February.

Yah, I saw that too. And I doubt they will delay the decisions for too long as they need to give people time to make arrangements for attending CW.

It’s out. I got in!

Where do you go to find out?? I logged into my.olin.edu but I can’t figure out where I’m supposed to look…

Just open the ‘Admission and financial aid’ tab

My second daughter was invited. Very happy here!

It says they only took 180 for Candidate’s Weekend this year.

My D is invited. She is currently floating about four feet off the ground. :slight_smile:

I just got invited!! I am so incredibly excited :slight_smile: Who else is invited to February 19th & 20th?

@isabelringing @palm715 @rp123342 @angelami Congrats!!! If you guys don’t mind, can you post your or your child’s stats/extracurricalers/other information? I didn’t get in (didn’t think I would) but I wnated to know what they were looking for :slight_smile: thanks!

GPA UW: 3.9
ACT: 33
SAT2: Math Level 2 - 780, Literature - 720
ECs: Robotics team captain, 4 year math team member (I’ve won a bunch of awards so I think that has something to do with getting invited), founder of a charity called Needs of Our Neighbors (helps senior citizens in our downtown housing projects), organizer of a Young Democrats club, president of a Stand Up to Cancer Club at my school, varsity soccer, piano, guitar, singing, half marathons
Demographics: white, female, Alabama

I did not get in despite being on the robotics team for 5 years, if that helps. Thought I would…

@robogineer1649 Sorry about that, I didn’t get invited to CW either and I really liked Olin. I’m sure we’ll get good news from a lot of other great schools in March :slight_smile:
Man, I kind of wanted to at least see Olin even if I didn’t get in (from California), though that may have made rejection even more difficult :stuck_out_tongue: Oh well. Still, congratulations to everyone who got invited and good luck at Candidate’s Weekend!!!

It just sucks, like how am I supposed to get into more competitive schools if I can not even get invited to Olin’s CW.

Did anyone who got in get more information about candidates weekend? Like suggested lodging, flight reimbursement, etc

I also got invited! But no information about lodging or reimbursements…I will probably call tomorrow

I got invited! I found info about reimbursements on another CC forum, and this article from Olin a couple years back. But to be sure, I think you should just contact the Admissions Office directly.

CC Forum:
Less than 100 miles from Olin College: $50
• 100-250 miles from Olin College: $100
• Greater than 250 miles from Olin College and east of the Mississippi River: $150
• West of the Mississippi River: $250
• Hawaii, Alaska and Western Canada: $450
• Other International: $750"

Olin post:
Fill out
your reimbursement slip! Come to
Olin with your receipts, and receive your reimbursement faster! You can drop off this information in the
Admission Office upon arrival, but definitely before departure if possible!

@fmllax Olin actually has info on this on the portal. If you go into the forms for Candidates’ Weekend, there’s a reimbursement slip to receive the money listed above.


For my daughter:
GPA: 4.31W 4.0UW
ACT: 35
SAT: 2340
ECs: Captain/driver of robotics team, job as writing and math tutor at CC for last two years, volunteers with special needs students (with award), plays a few instruments (state solo awards and officer in honor society), builds/flies RC planes and wind tunnel in spare time, National Merit Semi-Finalist, has taken many classes at local CC including full Calc/Linear/DifEq sequence and lab sciences

Wishing there was a Facebook group for candidates so I could start getting to know you all :frowning:

Anyone know when decisions will be released?