Olin Class of 2020

Hello all!

There wasn’t a thread yet for the Class of 2020 applicants, so I figured I would make one.

I submitted my application a couple of days ago and I can not wait. I’m super excited and love Olin. Just curious to see who else applied and wanted to give us a spot to talk about the first round of decisions that will hopefully come in a month.

Good luck to all who applied and I hope we all become the Class of 2020!

D has visited the school three times since last year. I don’t think any other school on her list has been looked at this closely. She really likes the project-based nature of the curriculum. Hopefully she will get to visit Olin one more time before a decision has to be made.

Me too, Olin’s one of my top schools :slight_smile: Did you guys happen to get a confirmation email from Olin to access application status or anything? I submitted my application on the 1st, but still no response yet.

Yes, Olin sent an email with login info for the account portal a day or two after application was submitted in late December.

Its really hard waiting for them to assimilate all of D’s paperwork. Things I know were sent aren’t accounted for yet. I can only imagine what that office must look like now. I have no idea how they wade through everything to get CW invites out. Fingers crossed for everyone.

Just received this from the Olin Admission Office:

I am very pleased share application numbers are in for the Class of 2020 and we have succeed in attracting a record pool of 1292 applications! A huge thank you to everyone in the community that helped build this diverse and talented pool- from the students who give campus tours, to faculty sitting on panels, to parents mingling at our open houses and everything in between.

A few points of note:
· The pool is 20% larger last year’s record pool of 1073 and boasts a 67% increase in applications over the last four years.

· The number of women applying to the Olin Class of 2020 increased by 33% over the applicants to the Class of 2019 and by 88% over the last four years.

· The representation of students from racial and ethnic backgrounds traditionally underrepresented in STEM is also on the rise, with the number of underrepresented minority students increasing by 63% over last year and doubling in the last four years.

· Similar to last year, 47 states are represented by our applicant pool- we are only missing North and South Dakota and Wyoming. CA, MA, NY, NJ, and TX still make up the top 5 states.

· The applicant pool includes students applying from 43 countries, up from 36 last year, with China, India, Korea, and Brazil sending the most applications.

The admission staff and a number of faculty and staff readers will review applications through the remainder of January, and we will extend invitations to Candidates as early as possible in February. Candidates’ Weekends for the Class of 2020 will take place February 19-20, 26-27, and March 4-5.

Exciting and a little depressing. Even harder to get in this year than last. Fingers are crossed. My D loves Olin. It is certainly not for everyone but my kids seem to really connect with it.

Wow! That means if they accept 120 students (I do not know how many are on gap year and are planning on attending in the fall) Olin will have a 9.3% admissions rate.

I love Olin, but with these numbers, it’s a stretch for anyone.

23 gappies this year.

Maybe it is time for Olin to scale-up its operation?

The physical space just isn’t there and I don’t think they can replicate the experience with a larger student body, which is unfortunate.

Does the Olin portal say for anyone that Olin has received the ‘school profile?’ Is the school profile the same as the school report sent through common app?

@imabelli On my applicant page it says that Olin has received my ‘school profile’. I’m not sure if they are the same thing, but I would assume so.

They will take 64 students this year. My oldest is class of 2018 at Olin, and they linked this in a parent email:

My middle applied for 2020 and we are hoping for good news soon!

Does anyone have any information on how many they will actually accept if they only need 64? There is potential for an insane acceptance rate. My D is avoiding all info on application numbers to keep herself positive while she waits for news.

I think the 64 is to round out the Class of 2020. I’m sure some the first accepted will take a gap year (it’s been an increasing trend that quite a few of the admitted students will take it) and then they will defer a few more and then pull students off the waitlist to fill out the slots that would have gone to the gappies. Just my guess.

Looking back at previous years, I would say that they will accept around 100.

I’m going to assume that Candidates Weekend decisions will take longer this year due to the increased application numbers, but within a week or two weeks, I hope to hear something regarding their progress. They have been quite quiet so far.

I put this in the CW thread, but I feel like some of the people on this thread would like to see the following info as well.

My college counselor was in contact with them last week. They were making all decisions about CW on Tuesday 1/26 and will post decisions “hopefully by the end of next week”. If you log into your portal to track documents, you’ll notice that you don’t have permissions to view the page anymore, which leads me to believe that they’ll release sometime tomorrow once all decisions are into the system.

Can y’all believe that we’ll be getting Candidate’s Weekend invitations (hopefully, I’m trying to stay positive) this week?!

It would be nice if they just released the notification date though.