Olin Class of 2021 applicants

Hello all!

There wasn’t a thread yet for the Class of 2021 applicants, so I figured I would make one.

I’m super excited. Just curious to see who else applied and wanted to give us a spot to talk about the first round of decisions that will hopefully come in this week.

Good luck to all who applied and I hope we all become the Class of 2021!

P.S: tbh this body is copied from last year thread lol

I applied as well. Looking at past years posts they all got their announcement by a package in the mail on the first of Feb. so I am hoping for a package when I get home :3.

Good luck to everyone who applied!

International here…so I guess I will be waiting for any update on the portal.

I got invited to CW3!

^^I was as well!

@aka3bdo @suhas7 respective countries?

@ohmymy Egypt here!

@ohmymy Wisconsin!

Great!! India here. @aka3bdo will you attend cw3 or are you doing an online interview?

illinois :open_mouth:

So, all candidate weekends are done. Now the waiting starts. They said the decisions will go out “late March”. I wonder what that means. Since they said that invitations to candidates weekend would go out “early Feb” and they were out promptly on Feb 1st, maybe “late March” means on the 20th? Wishful thinking, huh?

@pb3577 - Decisions were released Fri 3/25 last year so my guess is end of next week (Fri 3/24 maybe). Good luck to everyone!!

I heard March 21st, but I have no idea if that’s true or not.

So, I guess I was wrong about the March 21st thing

Today is Olin Decision Release Day. Just announced on their Twitter feed.


Decisions are in your app status page.

I was accepted!

My acceptance arrived on the portal somewhere between 1pm - 1:50pm central time.

I checked the portal before I got the email, but the email arrived only 10 minutes or so after I checked.

I’m quite excited :slight_smile:


Accepted also ;V;

My daughter was accepted and she’s over the moon with happiness. My wife has probably already wired the deposit…

Can’t wait to see the school myself; I haven’t been there yet.

Our D was waitlisted. Olin was her top pick… we are not quite sure whether a gap year is something she/we will consider since Olin would automatically accept her next year. Will likely come down to what other options she has on the table.