Olin Class of 2023 Hopefuls

Just thought I’d start a thread for this year’s applicants.

Daughter just invited to Candidates Weekend! Anyone else?

My son was invited also, March 1&2.

My daughter was invited February 22&23 but can’t make it she will in South Africa, she asked for either March 1&2 or March 8&9. Do you know how it works when you choose another date?

just got invited for March 8&9! Unfortunately I registered for another college’s scholarship weekend then so I’ll have to change one or the other

So exciting! Best of luck to everyone!

Olin is a very special place for the right people. Have fun at your CW weekends!

@plsletmein19, please tell Olin college you want to change the date of your invitation as soon as possible.

Our son got invited for CW March 1/2. Excited to go!

Does anyone know what day decisions come out? I can’t remember from the candidate’s weekend what they said. Thanks.

They said “by the end of the month”. No specific date, unfortunately. Should be any day now!

decisions are out!