Olin Class of 2025 Hopefuls

I didn’t see a thread for Olin Class of 2025. Is there anyone else out there who is applying? This is by far my son’s #1 choice. No other college comes close. He attended the Fall Open House in 2019 and fell in love with it.

It’s so hard that he will likely get a decision from every other college before he gets a decision from Olin. Here’s hoping that he gets good news about Candidates Weekend in February!

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My D is planning on applying. She did an interview with one of the admissions officers. We did not get a chance to visit the college though.
Good luck to your son!

Good luck to your D! If she likes hands-on teamwork, I think she’d really like it. My son didn’t want to go to the Open House last year because his friends were doing something else that day and he wanted to join them.

The parents and students went to separate activities and met up for lunch. The students did a group activity that was similar to the Design Nature class. By lunch, I knew he loved it. When we left, he turned to me and said, “This is where I want to go.” And he thanked me for making him go and gave me a hug.

I attended an engineering college and Olin is so different. I remember thinking that if I were a senior, this is the college I would want to attend. They are teaching them things like Design Thinking and Agile processes that I use at work today and wish new college graduates knew.

Thank you for that information! Sounds like a good fit for your son.
We did the Olin virtual visit. The school seems a bit on the smaller side. I think there are three buildings in all! My daughter was impressed with the Tools Library :slight_smile:
We are on the west coast. I don’t think we will be able to visit any east coast schools this spring.

It is definitely on the smaller side but it is literally right next to Babson. The Olin dorms are closer to the Babson dining hall than the Babson dorms. But it is definitely something to think about. If she wants a big rah-rah school, Olin may not be the school. But if she wants a tight-knit, supportive community, she will probably love it. No matter what she decides, I hope she lands wherever she most wants to attend!

Oh and one other thing she may like is that the gender ratio is very even. My class at the engineering school I attended had a 7:1 ratio (the next year’s class was 3:1). A lot of people said to me how great they thought that would be because I’d have the pick of the guys. While that was fairly true, the day to day experience of a big gender imbalance was difficult. I felt like I was always being stared at, etc. As a result, I pretty much lived in sweatshirts and jeans.

Going into college I swore I’d never join a sorority, but I ended up joining one. I joined because it was so nice to have a place where you could get away from all of the guys and just hang with the girls. Something to think about if she ends up at a school with a lopsided ratio.

Thanks! Good to have an engineering school with a 50:50 male to female ratio.
D’s very large robotics team is around 20% girls.

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My Son is a freshman and absolutely loves it there. The community is very close knit, including the professors, career counselors, cooks and staff. It is a very collaborative environment, which he loves given the very competitive high school he attended. Best of all, the classes are super interesting. Almost all other engineering schools teach math and sciences to the freshman and sometimes sophomores. At Olin, the classes are structured in a way where they learn math and sciences with a focus on real life challenges. His first semester class called Quantitative Engineering Analysis is illustrative. The students learned linear algebra and the final project was to use that knowledge to design a facial recognition algorithm. No other school does that.
The 50% tuition scholarship is awesome as well - to send your kid to school where the focus is on undergraduate engineering from Top Notch professors (they do not offer tenure track), and pay out of state tuition of state colleges is a huge plus ! Good luck to all who apply. My son had a great choices for colleges to attend, but committed within hours after receiving Olin acceptance.


It’s so great to hear your son is having a great time at Olin. Here’s hoping our kids get to join him there. It looks like the Candidates’ Weekend decisions are coming out soon. They just posted information about this year’s applicant pool.

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Just read the article about this year’s applicant pool - hope they release Candidates’ Weekend decisions soon. Does anyone know anything about playing music at Olin? My son is a cello player and was hoping to find ways to continue his involvement in music in college.

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I saw a conductorless orchestra there, which seems cool.

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Candidates’ Weekend decisions won’t be out until next week. Here’s a link to their Facebook post announcing that.

My son is a first year at Olin now. He brought his violin with him to campus. They do have a Conductorless Orchestra which is fantastic. We were blessed to hear them play during his CW in Spring 2020. Given they’re playing virtually this year which is also giving the remote students a chance to participate as well.


I got into CW!!!


I have been denied :confused:

Denied as well. :frowning:

Son has been invited to CW! Unfortunately, the first event conflicts with an orchestra performance he’s in…hopefully they will allow him to switch times. Hugs to those who were denied. This is such a tough year in so many ways.

For those who were accepted to CW, there is a groupme https://■■■■■■■■■■■/join_group/66320594/06PwTTS5

So sorry :pensive:
Hope your S has other options. Best to him.

Thank you for the comment. He has several other excellent options that are better on us financially because of substantial merit aid. Obviously he’s disappointed, but we like to think that it’s Olin’s loss. Best of luck to your daughter!

Thanks :slight_smile: