Olin College of Engineering: Class of 2024 Hopefuls

Just thought I’d start a thread for this year’s applicants.

When does the candidate weekends decisions come out this year?

In the past it has come out on the 31st of January (based on their blog posts), but the deadline was later this year than last
On a side note, Good luck to all of you!! I hope I get invited to CW and meet some of y’all!

Waiting to hear if my son made the cut. It’s so difficult waiting, especially since I was thinking we could hear as early as the 31st.

Results are on the portal. My son was waitlisted for CW.

My son found out today he was invited to CW. He’s so thrilled!

Waitlisted too :frowning:

Congrats to everyone who made it to CW. If you were wait listed, keep an eye on your email, in the past people have been pulled off the wait list regularly.

I have 2 seniors at Olin. If anyone has specific questions about Olin, ask away. I’m pretty sure there are a bunch of Olin parents here on CC who are happy to give you our personal experiences.

My daughter was accepted! so happy and excited! My question is: if she travels alone I am reading that she can stay at Babson Conference Center, does anyone know if this lodging is free?

The way I read it, hotel accommodations at the Babson Conference Center are not covered by Olin (whether traveling with a parent or without) unless there is financial need.

Information regarding Olin’s travel subsidy and the process for students traveling solo, is on your child’s Olin Applicant Status Page.

I had read that some get off waitlist so fingers crossed! Originally we told them that only the first weekend was a possibility for us since we were only in the US for a winter break and we were supposed to go back to our apartment in Beijing by then. But thanks to the virus we are going back later and can now do any so maybe that will help.

Olin posted a blog about CW today. Maybe it will help someone here: http://www.olin.edu/blog/olin-admission/post/the-real-deal-about-candidates%E2%80%99-weekend-0/

Hello -

My Son was invited to CW on march 6-8th. It would be hugely helpful if you could shed light on how the weekend is and how these kids get ‘graded’. This is my Sons number 1 choice (he just fell in love with the place, and wants to be in a small tight knit group). Any help on what to expect and how to prepare would be appreciated.


Here’s a guide to CW for parents

Also @CBS1999 , check the blog I posted before this. They do a decent job of explaining most of it. Best of luck!

If a student is local to Olin, is the expectation that they will stay on campus overnight or commute from home? Or does it not matter?

@MAmom8 are you asking about CW or living on campus?

For CW, candidates don’t stay on campus, they generally stay in local hotels with their folks, at home if they are local, or at the Babson Conference Center if they are traveling alone.

It is my understanding that all students live on campus. I am fairly sure that there are locals who go home somewhat regularly but they live on campus. I can’t imagine living at home with their crazy group project schedules.

If you are looking for school policy, the school is obviously much better equipped to answer that. FWIW, the Olin Handbook is available online.

@MuggleMom asking specifically about CW, my apologies that I didn’t make that clear! If my son were to attend Olin he would definitely live on campus. I’m pretty sure they have a four-year residential requirement, unless extreme extenuating circumstances. We’re about 45 minutes from the Olin campus (without traffic). Thank you!

When would you say that it would be the latest that a waitlisted student makes it to CW? Has that date already passed?

@VitalS Looking at dates on other years, there is a lot more time as it even appeared that someone was notified for the last weekend after the first had taken place. The letter in the portal said they should have a good idea if they need to use the waitlist as of this past Monday, so I’d expect them to either start saying there isn’t any more room or notifying students of spots opening. The first weekend is coming up fast and I’d expect the majority would need some time to make travel arrangements. We keep checking the portal but haven’t seen any updates either way.

For anyone who still has questions about CW, here is the latest CW blog post, it went up today.


There are quite a few they posted this year and plenty from years past. Check them out. These kids put their hearts and souls into them (honestly, Oliners seem to put their hearts and souls into nearly everything they do). Its certainly worth a look.