Olin College of Engineering Theory vs Practice

To any alum students parents, I have a quick question.

I know Olin prides themselves on their hands on learning, but how much typical, textbook/lecture teaching is done? At the end of the day, we need to learn content fast and I want to make sure the ‘hands on approach’ doesn’t interfere with learning the theory behind what we practice.


This is really a question you should be asking upperclassmen/ alum. Have you done an overnight visit? If not, can you set one up? I know that they are getting requests daily. Did you meet anyone at CW? You definitely want to contact people you met at Olin for actual and current answers, not guesses. This is important. And things change there pretty quickly.

Have you checked out the Olin blogs? http://www.olin.edu/blog/the-olinsider/category/samantha-%2720/ . If the blog doesn’t come through, look up admitted student blogs at olin.edu

Good luck finding what you need!