Olin College of Engineering: wait-list for Candidate's Weekend

Admittedly, I do not know much about Candidate’s Weekend. Is being put on the wait list for it akin to being deferred? Their website says that those who attend Olin generally must attend Candidate’s Weekend. Is the process more subtle than this?

My understanding is that Candidates Weekend is a critical part of the application process. It is, effectively, the “final round”. They will give acceptances to a percentage of the students who attend this extended in-person interview.

If you are waitlisted for this, you will get into that “final tound” only if someone who was offered this opportunity declines.

My take is that it is like being an alternate for the Olympics. If someone on the team can’t go, you can go and you can even win the gold medal. But if the team can go, you stay home.

I am guessing you can find more info on their website. If you desperately want to go to Olin, let them know anything new in z LOCI and that you will be ready, up to the day Candidates Weekend starts, to drop everything and get yourself there.

My daughter is in the waitlist for the CW. Does anybody know when we learn if she is invited to the CW? Would Olin also notify if they decline? I am not sure how many people in the waitlist, and if there is an order in the list.