Olin's "choose your own major" degree

Hi everyone,

I am looking at bioengineering and I really like Olin’s educational philosophy, but I’m kind of bummed to know that there is no bioengineering major. How does the general engineering major work? Do you get a degree in the concentration of your choice (in my case, would I get a bioengineering degree)? How is grad school placement and job placement with this degree?

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I’m not sure you can do a bioengineering degree at Olin, even if you can design one for yourself. You’ll need all the chemistry and biology courses which Olin doesn’t offer. You can see what you can get at Wellesley which can satisfy the degree requirements. But it will be difficult if not impossible. Olin offers degrees in general engineering, mechanical or electrical engineering (also electrical/computer engineering). Go look at their website on grad school statistics, but their alumni have had great success in getting admitted to top grad schools (MIT, Harvard, Stanford, etc.) as well as a few who were admitted to medical school. Similarly, Olin grads are sought after by silicon valley and Seattle area tech firms, as well as with the local Boston area ones. I know that the past few years more companies have recruited at the school for the graduating students than there were graduating students.

According to Olin’s website, BioEngineering is a popular concentration at Olin. I would spend some time poking aroudn their website. I’m pretty sure that I found that info a few years ago. http://olin.edu/academics/programs-majors/

Just found it.

thank you @NoVADad99 !!! It’s unfortunate that for such an incredible school, they offer such few majors. Or maybe THAT’S what makes it such a successful school? :-?

@MuggleMom thank you! this may sound stupid, but what is a concentration? is it different from a major?

@MuggleMom I guess I need to read Olin’s website again.

@NoVADad99 Ha! We all know that I wouldn’t be where I am without you. I only know about this because when S was looking he was originally interested in the Engineering major and he dug up everything he could about it. Besides, its fun to cruise the website looking for kids I know --LOL

@russ4mvp, if you are looking for an ABET accredited BioEngineering program, Olin isn’t it. If you’re looking for a one of a kind education, then look closely at Olin. If you don’t know what ABET accreditation is, look it up. Olin is accredited for Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Engineering. A concentration is just that, you get a degree in Engineering and then take additional courses that specialize in your chosen field. Check out the link above to see an example of what some of those courses are. Compare them to what other schools you are considering are offering.

Take your time, really check out the schools. Go for a tour, ask your questions.
Best of luck.