<p>So, i didnt know i was signed up for the ACT untill a couple days ago, my test is sept 16th and to be truthfull im worried. I went to the library and got the princeton review book for the ACT if i study that am i in good shape? ALSO i was wondering how many questions you can miss to get a 36 or a 35 just out of curiosity. And any other usefull tips would be much appreciated!</p>


<p>you have to miss 1 to get a 36 per section</p>

<p>Princeton Review is a good one.....but i would also guess you already know most of the stuff thats on it. I dunno about how many questions you can miss but i think you can miss at least one on a section and get a 36 on it. What grade on it/what math have you taken? The math section was pretty easy i thought but i guess that depends on your strengths. The science section doesnt require really any knowledge, although it could help you go faster. For the science, dont get intimidated by the big science words...the answers are all in the info provided. Make sure you look over how to read the graphs if you typically struggle with that type of thing. The reading section is also pretty easy, just make sure you read slowly enough that you actually absorb. As for the english, just remember your basic grammar rules, it's vs. its will come up a few times (i dunno why that one confuses me). Also, often the simplest answer is the best (if it sounds confusing it probably isnt the best way to say it.)</p>

<p>Remember...the ACT doesnt punish you for wrong answers so if you have 10 seconds left and you haven't finished all the questions put C for all the rest.</p>

<p>Hope that helps.</p>

<p>To excel: that is not true. The scale is different for each individual test. For some, if you miss just one question, you're down to a 34. The scale varies. I'm pretty sure you have to get every question right to get a 36 though.</p>

<p>Well, as averagedesi said, the scale differs, but usually to get a 36 in a section, you have to get them all right. </p>

<p>To get a 36 composite, you can usually miss two questions (35+35+36+36/4 =35.5, which rounds to 36). Maybe rarely you can miss 3 and still get a 36. To get a 35, usually you can miss at most six questions (34 34 35 35/4 =34.5, which rounds to 35). </p>

<p>Don't worry about having to get a 35 or 36. Anything over 30 is considered very good.</p>

<p>Usually in reading you can miss 1 or 2 and still get a 36. Often in English you can miss 1; sometimes in Math; rarely in Science.</p>

<p>If you are looking for the CS score of a 36, you can do this:
36 36 36 36
36 36 36 34
36 36 36 35
36 36 35 35</p>

<p>Basically the sum of all the scores of your tests have be >= 142, because 142/4 = 35.5 => 36. ;)</p>