omg...freakin out here... help

<p>ok, sorry for the overdramatic title, but i'm really nervous. i requested to send in my sat scores on dec 17, and i called cornell asking them if i should rush them and they said no. but now college board says that the request is still pending, and so is it ok if cornell gets the sat scores after the application deadline of jan 1? and my app was sent in on time.</p>

<p>see what others write in but my strong impression is that as long as you do your ap on time, you'll be fine.
Meanwhile, for peace of mind (which you NEED),a way to judge it is, if you have time now (b/c it's just an extra): check on Cornell's website for Admissions and see if they recite their own internal deadlines for reading the aps. I bet your scores will get to them even before they begin. Other schools have written about things like, "it takes us 2 weeks just to open all the envelopes..." so meanwhile scores would be rolling in electronically.
Remember they're not gonna tell you until April. So now the ball's in their court.
Have an iced tea or hot choc, depending on where you reside!</p>

<p>ok heres a true story that happened to me like 2 months ago so i know from actual experience.</p>

<p>the ED deadline was nov 1st? i TOOK the sats that nov 4th, so you can imagine how long it was until it actually got there.
cornell did email me saying they were missing my SAT scores, and i didn't say anything back to them.
about a month later my SAT score arrived and im still admitted.</p>

<p>dont worry about it. if they said its ok, then its ok. (just like on the application it says the last acceptable SAT date is the nov one)</p>

<p>LOLLL doode...the application deadline is due january 1st. However, some kids take SAT's in january. All applicants have till the end of january to get their portfolio togther whether it is recs, SAT's, extra outside recs etc.</p>

<p>What happens if you rushed your scores?!</p>

<p>ok, good thanks. and i know i might have sounded a little crazy,but i'm not. its just that i was rejected from dartmouth ed, and so now i'm nervous/paranoid that i wont get in anywhere!
and schitz, its ok if you rush your scores, but most colleges prefer you not to b/c they say its more of a hassle.</p>