OMG!!! HELP!!!! Way confused!!! Not much time!

<p>Getting down to the wire here, and have read a lot on CC and Student Reviews.....and my college choices are getting a little scary. Too much partying, not enough social life, way too hard, not bright students, horrid town, no diversity, way snobby students, uniterested profs, boring campus, isolated URM's, filthy dorms, inedible food.....!!!!! I am getting very cold feet! I though I had a very decent list, but now, I don't know! Anyone, help me! My list was:</p>

<p>Carnegie Mellon - stretch
Brandeis - stretch
Rhodes - match
RIT - match
Haverford - match
Occidental - match
Mills - safety
Juniata - safety
Eastern - safety</p>

<p>I just want a really solid school, with decent students who are bright but also want to socialize (not necessarily drink, etc.), in an attractive location.</p>

<p>My stats are 3.7, 680/650/650.</p>

<p>As far as the social life is concerned, you will find students of every "type" at any school. There will be the hard-core party-goers and the kids who never leave the library, as well as plenty of people in the middle who like to have fun but also value their education. They are there if you just look for them.</p>

<p>^^agree with future. Also, I think you are taking way too many personal opinion/external factors into account when selecting a college... all of the factors you listed could happen anywhere, at any advice: Chill, and try to have less idealized expectations...sheesh.</p>

<p>Chillax, your list is wonderful, I loe it, it really looks like you id some good searching to come up with some of those school. YOu really seem like you want that serene, sound, setting that you can concentrate in, great academics, but layed back. Kinds of school where you go to get away from it all. Al with great student bodies.</p>

<p>A diverse list of schools indeed, but I can't get the jist of what you're looking for just by going down that list. RIT is the only one that really stands out to me as completely indifferent. But you'll have a wonderful four years at all of them.</p>

<p>My advice is to chillax and stop reading StudentsReview, that site is filed with nothing but negative commentary. Take all of it with a grain of salt. </p>

<p>I'm curious about what specific thoughts about some of these schools make you hesitate. It may help you if you let us disambiguate them.</p>

Put Denison back on your list. It seems to meet your requirements. Do a search for it on here and feel free to post questions. Watch the spelling - one "N" in the middle.</p>

<p>You're underestimating haverford, its a reach.</p>