OMG help! What schools fit me!

<p>White male from Minnesota with high income family</p>

<p>Gpa: 3.85 uw lots of honors and ap( school doesn't weight) fairly competative top 15% in class of 600

Football (9,10)
Baseball (9,10)
Cross country (11,12)
Weight lifting program (9-12 summer and winter)
Speech (11,12)
Marching band (9-12)
Jazz band (9-12)
Concert band (9-12)
Multiple solo ensemble awards for saxophone
Spanish club (9-12)
Volunteer ever Sunday at hospital (250 hours total)
Host at restaurant for 3 years</p>

<p>Looking for good business or engineering schools.</p>

<p>Not really sure what schools I would be looking for. How selective would the schools be? Suggestions for matches and reaches.</p>

<p>Georgia Tech if you're amenable to Atlanta/the South and really want engineering. For schools with both, try Michigan at Ann Arbor or UVA. Reaches might be UPenn, obviously MIT, Cornell, Berkeley.</p>

<p>Good fits based on your stats/resume/major: Michigan, UC Berkeley, CMU, USC (So. Cal.), UTexas Austin. I would strongly encourage you to save your folks some dough and go to UWisconsin Madison, on their reciprocal program with your home state of MN.</p>

<p>Boston College (MA) for business, well over 50k/year. </p>

<p>If you are high income, how much are your parents willing to pay each year?
If you are "full pay" for all 4 years, that is over $200,000.00. </p>

<p>You ought to run your parents & your numbers through the EFC Calculator on the Collegeboard website. Keep hitting "save" so you can refer back to it. Select both FA formulas, "FM" and "IM". Use your 2010 Tax returns. It is best to know your EFC now.</p>

<p>SLUMOM is right. </p>

<p>Have your parents committed to paying full freight...which can be up to $60k per year? If not, you need to find out how much they will pay.</p>

<p>Their answer will influence where you should apply.</p>

<p>My parents can pay roughly 15-20 a year. But is it worth it to go to like a top notch school in hopes of getting a really good job with student loans?</p>

<p>No. Look at the placement data for Minnesota and Wisconsin. Compare it to,as an example, Northwestern. You will see little difference.</p>

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<p>What about a place like upenn? On a page that listed too business schools in the world it was 2 and 5 years down the road the average salary was 150?</p>

<p>Try Michigan-Ann Arbor.</p>

<p>UPenn's Wharton would be a big reach.</p>

<p>If you are high income (and therefore may not be eligible for Financial Aid), but your parents can pay only 15-20k a year, it does not make sense to consider schools with costs of attendance over $50k/year.</p>