Omg i figured how to get decisions now

<p>Click on the X on the upper right corner of this screen.
Turn off the computer.
Go wash up and hit the sheets.</p>

<p>It will come, just stop stressing about it.
The decision is already made. Whether you put added stress on yourself to know if you got in or not will not alter their response.</p>

<p>i'll break into 212 hamilton hall tonight if anyone's interested</p>

<p>Wow, I expected either some super lame joke or spam..but that was awesome.</p>

<p>I never thought I'd see good sense on CC.</p>

<p>haha. I'd agree, but if only I were able to do that. I am counting down the hours until the release: less than 19 to go</p>

<p>so right. for mac users it'd be upper left hand corner (:</p>

<p>cruel and unusual
but witty nonetheless
arghh... i have two+ tests tomorrow and I cannot focus at all
must get off cc