omg, just got a C for AP english language

<p>why is it so hard for me??how do you study english language??</p>

<p>Make sure you read the books.</p>

<p>i got all the reading problems right........but missed all the vocab matching questions</p>

<p>what kind of class are you in?</p>

<p>my ap eng lang was all based on creative assignments on literature likes grapes of wrath, heart of darkness, portrati of the artist, etc...
and practice AP essays and tests</p>

<p>vocab matching questions= lame</p>

<p>the best approach to a class like that is too tone your writing skills and just read more efficiently.</p>

<p>correctly we are working on the textbook, just finished transcendentalism. starting the realism. I fairly understood the concepts, but vocab is just a pain in the axx, also my teacher gives morph tests, which will test students on unfamiliar vocab(really weird ones) that contain morph. I totally screw it up........</p>

<p>I'm not afraid of essay, instead i did pretty well on it. however unfortunately, my teacher doesn't give us any(sometimes maybe short paragraphs, but never essays).</p>

<p>and also there are some monsters in the class that entirely mess up the curve. most ppl(80%) usually get around 75% on the tests. but those monsters(about 5% of the class) get like 99%,98%,100% on the tests.........</p>