<p>I have a friend who got a 1600 but noticed that she still got like two questions wrong (as you all know you can still get an 1600 with a merciful curve)</p>

<p>She's taking it again! Ho!</p>

<p>Go find some new friends.</p>

<p>hahaha funny</p>

<li>take a spoon. </li>
<li>beat your friend in the face with it.</li>
<li>repeat step two six times</li>
<li>take friend's test report.</li>
<li>give friend paper cut with said report. </li>
<li>repeat step five seven times.</li>
<li>go eat some icecream with chocolate sauce and whipped cream and sprinkles, rejoicing that you have more of a grip on reality than your spoon-beaten, report-cut friend.</li>

<p>I agree with iplayoboe.</p>


<p>Why is your name Duskstamper?</p>

<p>I hope her score goes down the second time.</p>