omgogmogmgomg. im SOOOO mad!!!!

<p>My english ap teacher is so incompetent that we havent done ANYTHING , and im not exaggerating, we have done NOTHING in class other than self reading the play Antigone for ENLIGHS AP!!! and now i might be getting a B in that class cuz we had a pop quiz which is only out of 7, but we only have like 2 quizes per term... im so stressed out that she doesnt teach us anything yet she marks us so hard and on things that are never even taught. i just got an essay back like 10 mins ago and i got 3/9!!!!! and the mark is totally not fair! ppl who got 6 had even less developed essays and more mistakes than i had.... i am so ****ed b/c last two years, i have been getting the highest in my eng honors class. and this year, i am getting like one of the lowest...what should i do!!! omg, if i get a b and after getting deferred early.. i wont have much hope.. this mark is not at all a reflection of my english abilities. i do well on timed essays and got 96% on a provincial wide eng exam, with the avg being around 68%. its just that argg this TEACHER!! SHE IS HORRIBLE! EVERYONE HATES HER!! BUT NO ONE DARES TO TELL HER THAT! so i had a long talk with her after school today, and all she said is. work harder.. wtf? arg... asdfkljasd;kfljasdfds there is not much i can do.. and yet this grade is not a good reflector.. dasklfjasd;klfja;sdf..</p>

<p>I'm glad this is a good ranting space also. I'm sure that you're not getting the lowest grade just because of a bad quiz. I'm not sure how I can help, but I don't think you should be that worried</p>

<p>Now this is hard, but I'm gong to take a wild guess. You're....a girl. Right? Did I guess that right? I THINK I'm right on this one.</p>

<p>i am a guy.
but no. not the quiz. the quiz AND the little paragrpah we got back today... which i thought i deserved at least a 6. but these two thinsg have dropped my mark by around 13 percent.. we only have around 60 marks so far!!! arg.. i am just so mad at the incompetence of my teacher.. she has only been teaching for 3 years.. the told ap teacher retired.. and im so worried. but she doesnt give a ****.. she thinks ONLY CANADIAN SCHOOLS MATTER... she doesnt understand.. the thing is, i know if i were in my old eng class, i would have gotten a lot higher on the essay. i just dont think she is fair and consistent. and i cant really do much about it..</p>

<p>what im worried even more about is if she will do this for the REST OF THE YEAR. arg..</p>

<p>sorry, teachers are unfair like that sometimes. maybe go to her and ask her how you can do better?</p>

<p>and trust me, </p>

<p>B does not = Crime</p>

<p>One B will not decide whether you live or die</p>

<p>Unfair grading?
Talk to your teacher.</p>

<p>i think i will. but i dont know how to approach her.. i dont want her to HATE me. she plays favors.. and she will fail me even more. esp a lot of marks come from class discussion, which has no specific creteria. she can just fail me even more.</p>

<p>what would you say to her if you were in my case?</p>

<p>for my essay, she gave me 3 / 9... while CLEARLY, i had MORE DETAILED points and a better introduction than the guy who got 6, the highest mark in the class.... she just wanted us to write an intro and not the essay, but the points we would use to write our essays... so i did that. and shes like "thats not specific enough." but then i had more details than ppl who got 5 or 6... i dont see where she is coming from..</p>

<p>another thing that got me really mad is
she told us to go home and read othello in one day.. i was like "gee, she just have been joking," the next day she gave us a pop quiz on it.. and i failed.. so i was really mad. but i guess its my fault. what really got me was how we didnt do anything with othello till 2 weeks later.. i was just like, wtf? why would we have to read it in one day then??? and argg.....</p>

<p>i have an antigone test on monday, which COULD worth up to like 40% of the term.. its a biggie.. she didnt give us ANY handouts, no notes, no lectures...just "a test on monday, make sure you've read the play." gosh.. anyone knows of any study sites for antigone?</p>

<p>that reminds me of a final (40% of grade) I had in English at the end of sophomore year...the teacher handed us the exam and we soon realized that it covered---in ridiculous detail---a book we had read the fall before. It lowered everyone's grade by a lot, of course.</p>

<p>i thought you were homeschooled?</p>

<p>I went to a school (a really small one---19 people in my class) for two years (soph. and jun.). It was actually a decent school...3 of the 19 were National Merit semifinalists and 2 were commended, I think.</p>

<p>I'm now at a university full-time, so that's not really "homeschooled," either (though it is officially).</p>

<p>19 people!!!! that's smaller than my english class</p>

<p>To those of you complaining about arbitrary grading, hey, get used to it. College is like that too. I once knew a guy who got a 89/100 on an exam and failed. Why? Because the class was curved and the average score of the exam was a 95, and so since he scored substantially below the mean, that was equivalent to an F. That's how curves work, and a lot of you will get to enjoy the fun of trying to figure out that the numerical score you get on your exams means nothing - the only thing that matter is your numerical score relative to everybody else's score. In other words, you are hoping for not only for you to do well, but for everybody else to do badly. This of course sometimes leads to other 'fun' activities like a guy who will intentionally give people the wrong answer so that those people will do badly on an exam. Or people deliberately tearing pages out of reserve materials at the library, or even stealing the entire book, so that nobody else can read it. Or people secretly sticking chemicals in other people's chem-lab experiments to ruin them, so that they get a bad grade. Any budding premeds out there will learn all this joy and more. </p>

<p>On the other hand, curves are not always bad, and sometimes they're good. I knew another guy who got a 35/100 and got an A, because the mean of the exam was a 25, and he got the highest grade in the class. The prof wanted to give F's to everybody, but the problem is that the prof had printed on her syllabus that she would curve the class so that the top x% would get A's, and the class held her to what she had on the syllabus, so if the top x% were people who scored above a 30, then she has to give them an A.</p>

<p>curve grading doesn't always result in such competition though. one of my classes in high school is graded on a curve like that, and we don't try to sabotage each other.</p>

<p>thats not helping the situation.. my eng teacher just emailed me the test outline. half the terms she said we have to know are not even in the english dictionary... wtf is wrong with her? and we have never gone over those in class.. if she ruins my future... ill be.....</p>

<p>Princetonwannabe (I love typing out the full name :p)
Looking for notes on Antigone?
Try: / / (contrary to what its name suggests, it is a directory that will list all sites with literature guides on any book you enter)</p>

<p>Good luck man!</p>

<p>lol im sry pton. yea ive had some pretty crappy teachers too. there are lotsa those :-X</p>