Omitted Grades From UC App by mistake

<p>Hello All, </p>

<p>So two and a half years ago I made the mistake of going to Pasadena City College to pursue transferring to another University. Since I was considered an out of state student I was only able to take one course once it was my turn to register for classes. I took a motion graphics class and got a A in the course. The following semester I took two more courses in the spring. During this time I was having family issues and I was working full time so my grades began to plummet even though I was taking two courses. To prevent myself from getting failing grades in the courses I withdrew. I was told by registration I had withdrawn. Asides from that I put it behind me and continued working for an entire year before enrolling back to college. Two years later after completing my igetc at berkeley city college and making a 4.0 three semesters in a row I applied to a couple of colleges one being UC Berkeley. I was accepted into UC Berkeley. However I made a couple of mistakes, I did not include my withdrawals on the UC application because I thought the classes just served as dropped courses. Knowing this my first thought was to notify the admissions office because I have already turned in my SIR. However the more haunting details came about when I re-looked at unofficial transcripts for pasadena city college. The registrar had not withdrawn me and those two courses staring back at me were two F's.(Note: I have on idea who I talked to those years ago and to make things worse I don't have a receipt) Now before anyone comments on my simpleness I realize I should've been looking at my transcripts for pasadena city college before reporting the grades. The only reason I had not was because I knew the names of the three courses I took. The reason I created this thread was to get advice on how I should handle this problem. I'm not trying to hide anything because anyone with any common sense would know that you cannot your hide records from top universities. Im accepting my mistakes and the highest possibility that my admissions will be revoked. I just don't want to be black-listed because of these mistakes. I'm willing to take full responsibility for them and give up my spot to another person who could've possibly got into Berkeley. However I still don't want to give up this opportunity if theres a chance I explain to admissions of my circumstances. Any advice? </p>