On average, how much time do you spend a day doing school related activities?

Curious just so I can figure out a breakdown for how many hours a day I can spend working, as well as trying to get 6-7 hours of sleep.

I’m a freshman in 9th so this is probably irrelevant but oh well haha.

I start school with a zoom at 8am and without procrastinating I can finish by 12-1. But usually I finish around 2-3 and then I do homework until around 4 or 5. This also includes a 1 hr lunch break in between, so I would say around 7 hrs of school a day for me.

I’m a junior, so I spend more time on school since I have a lot of work. Usually, I have zooms for all of my classes on Wednesdays from 9:20-2:30 pm with a lunch break in between. However, I only have 4 classes this semester since my school decided on having 4 classes per semester instead of the usual 8 classes all year. Then, I usually try to do my work later in the day(preferably in the evening since I tend to be more awake). I tend to procrastinate, but I’ve been working on getting my work done in a timely manner. I’ve also recently implemented 45 mins of daily SAT practice into my schedule since I take the SAT in March. I’m fully working online so I do that from Monday-Friday.

Apart From School hours I just spend more than half of my time on school activity and other time in Fitness

Don’t know if the information given by me is relevant to the topic of this thread, as I am a senior from India.

I have zoom classes from 8 to 2 (When we had offline classes, it was 7 to 3)
Then, I have a lunch break, a nap of 1 to 2 hrs., and then homework and assignments along with practical files in physics, chemistry, mathematics, computer science, and physical education. So this takes up approx the whole of my day and I am fully free at 9, after which I have my dinner and some time with family, and then study some topics I love, watch YT videos and finally sleep at 1 or 2 AM.

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