On Campus audition 11/16/13

<p>Any CCers going to the Nov 16th on-campus audition? (My son will be there. I will post a trip report when we return.)</p>

<p>Enjoy your day…hope your son has a wonderful experience. The day will be full of workshops, panels, a wonderful, relaxing lunch and the chance to see what CCU is all about. Capped off with a wonderful performance of A Chorus Line. Saw it this past weekend, and they did a terrific job! Enjoy your day in Conway, but just a little tip. The traffic on 501 is crazy sometimes. Give yourself a little extra time to travel it. (Although this is not the “season” for heavy traffic, it still can be on 501). Or make your way over to 544, which parallels 501, and tends to move faster.</p>

<p>Hope you and your S are having a terrific day at the CCU audition SU88BFA! I know that tonight is the final CCU show for a few of the seniors in the ACL cast. Hard to believe that. I’m sure it will be an emotional but terrific show - enjoy!!</p>

<p>TRIP/AUDITION REPORT: My son had an enjoyable day at CCU! He was 1 of 12 kids to audition-- 9 girls and 3 boys. (This November audition-- we were told-- is always the smallest group to audition. Later on-campus auditions will have 30-35 kids.) I did not stay the whole day, although parents were allowed to sit-in on everything, except the actual auditions. I was there for the opening and closing Q&As only-- my son wanted to go this alone, and I was OK with that. </p>

<p>Met a few of the faculty members in the morning, and they were very nice, and seemed anxious to get to know the kids-- which I think is the point of the whole-day audition. My son thought his audition went well-- which is good! Ken Martin (Head of the dept) told the kids that within 2-3 weeks they will hear 1 of 3 things: 1) That they are being asked to join the program (accepted academically AND to the MT dept.); 2) that they are being put on the waiting list and will hear a final decision from CCU by mid-March; or 3) that they are not being considered for the program at all. I thought that was nice— some kind-of feedback, instead of waiting forever for any info at all.</p>

<p>I didn’t see much of the campus, but what I saw was nice. Buildings seemed new(er) and in good shape. Weather was beautiful…couldn’t help but think that it would be nice to be in a more southern climate come Jan/Feb. </p>

<p>We saw “A Chorus Line” that same evening. We really enjoyed it-- I had never seen the show before, but my son had seen a traveling tour of it last year, and said CCU’s show was better. Dancing was great! While we were there several faculty members that were at the auditions saw my son, remembered his name, and spoke to him briefly.</p>

<p>All -in-all in good trip for a first audition. We went down to Myrtle Beach on Thursday so we could have a little mini-vacation. I needed it! Town was empty-- it seemed like a good time to be down there if you don’t mind not swimming outside.</p>

<p>Thanks for the update! We were wondering how crowded (or not) Myrtle Beach would be in November. D’s on campus audition isn’t until 2/22-it seems like such a long ways from now. This is a campus that we are really looking forward to visiting, glad to hear you and your son enjoyed it.</p>

<p>SO glad to hear the day was enjoyable for your S! I was so sad that I couldn’t be at this audition. It was the first one I did not run since I took over 2 years ago… but health comes first. :slight_smile: I heard it went extremely smoothly from my fellow students and faculty and that they all thought it was a very informative, successful, and plentiful day. And happy y’all liked the show, I was obsessed- and not just because they were my friends (only mostly). I hope that you receive word soon, and best of luck no matter what! </p>

<p>frazzled35- looking forward to having you and your D on campus! February should be nice! The 22nd will be a pretty packed audition (although the middle audition is typically the smallest of the 3 in the spring- the beginning of February is really large and the one in March is always the biggest because it’s last), but they all will be nice, personal, and intimate no matter what. We really don’t like to handle more than 35 people on campus on a single day if we don’t have to so that the faculty really have time to get to know everyone. The beach might not be worth swimming in, but should be cheap off-season and still a fabulous ocean view!</p>

<p>Thanks AlexaMT! We assumed the Feb. auditions would be crowded, but that’s ok…it is a reflection on the good things happening at Coastal that there is such a demand for the program!</p>

<p>Hi Alexa - My D had communicated with you on the run-up to her 11/16 audition. Outside of not being able to meet you, she had an amazing experience and loves CCU! We loved the campus and the family feel that pervaded the entire day. Chorus Line was fantastic that night too! Looking forward to hearing back soon…</p>

<p>isurg1- Thank you so much for your kind words! I was also really bummed that I wasn’t able to be in town for these auditions- I’ll be at every other one this year… but I heard my team did a great job. Thrilled to hear your D enjoyed her day and that you all enjoyed ACL. Perhaps your D and I will get a chance to meet down the line, but even if not- best of luck with the rest of her audition journey! :)</p>