On Campus Housing information

FSU has updated its housing website to show the information that newly accepted students will need if interested in living on campus. Students won’t be able to submit a housing contract unless they are accepted (deferred and waitlist won’t work), and not until the housing contract window opens on February 23. Note that those who apply on Feb 23 and 24 are much more likely to get housing than those who wait. There is not enough on-campus housing for all first-year students.

This link has info about dates, summer housing, the process, roommate requests, and room assignments.

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What a cash grab to do this two days before University of Florida announces their admissions decisions

How so? You don’t have to actually pay until 7 days AFTER you submit the contract - so March 2-3.

You have seven days to pay from the day you signed the contract…. I did not see anywhere that you could back out of the payment because you decided to go to another school but perhaps I missed it…. The way I read it is you sign the contract you have to pay within seven days and then if you want out of the contract they still get to keep $50

If you don’t pay within 7 days, your contract is automatically voided. If you do pay, and later back out, there is a different process. So just wait and pay in early March if you still want it.

Got it thanks I guess I just missed where it said the contract was automatically voided if you didn’t make the payment. I did not see in the contract where it said That you would be relieved of the contractual agreement if you did not make the payment…, Could you point me to where it says that in the contract it would give me a little peace of mind… thanks!

The contract isn’t complete until both the parent agreement (if student is under 18 at the time), and payment are received.

From the original link:

Your contract will be cancelled and you will lose your original contract number if you do not complete all of the steps below.


Thanks for this info! I hope I haven’t jinxed my daughter’s admission decision by reading it lol. One question, it says that specific roommate requests can be submitted between March 7-April 13. My daughter may not even be decided by that time, let alone committed to a roommate. Will there be a later opportunity to submit a roommate request? Also, how much is the housing deposit?

No, they can only submit a roommate request during that time period. But it’s perfectly fine to NOT request a roommate, and just be randomly assigned one by FSU.

I believe the deposit is $200, but I am not certain.

This seems so odd to me, considering the date to commit to the university is May 1.

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Yes, but MOST students will commit within the next few weeks. It takes time for FSU to place everyone in the best possible room assignments before they announce it all in June.

We are from NJ. My son had a housing priority number of 1,300 which I understand is very good. He has found a roommate on Instagram whose number is 5,500. My understanding is that FSU uses the lower number. I have a couple of questions.

  1. Is 5500 low enough that he is guaranteed on-campus housing. Being from so far away, I would not let him go to the school if he does not get on campus housing even though it’s his first choice.

  2. what type of dorm will he get with a housing number like that?

  3. should I tell him to find a roommate with a better housing number? I think it’s more important to have a good roommate than a good room but my wife is very concerned that he will not get good housing with that number.

  1. 5500 will get them on-campus housing, though not likely their first choice.
  2. The suite-style dorms are really pretty much all the same. The historic ones are old, but close to the center of campus, the dining hall, etc. The newer ones are closer to the stadium and newer parts of campus. But the campus is quite compact and walkable, so I don’t think it matters.
  3. If he likes his roommate, I’d stick with that!
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