On-Campus Interview

<p>I hail from Penn's Woods--ahem--Pennsylvania, and checked off the option for an alumni interview on my application. I received an e-mail that no alumnus could be located within 70 miles of me!</p>

<p>Since I had intended on flying out to Chicago for a tour of U. of C. and Northwestern anyway, how feasible would it be to rush to get out there in time for my on-campus interview to be recorded and used in the admissions process? Would mid-NOvember be too late? Is the interview worthwhile? Would my having come halfway across the nation for a tour and interview lobby an interviewer's/admission officer's favor?</p>

<p>Just Curious,

<p>THis is probably too late, but I had the on-campus interview and I thought it was really helpful and went really well. I've heard that their alumni interviewers aren't quite as comfortable to talk to.</p>