On-Campus Interviews vs. Off-Campus

<p>I just had an on-campus interview. And, so far, even though I sent in my app. on Oct. 15, I have not been contacted for an alumni interview. Will just the on-campus one suffice? What is the difference between the two?<br>

<p>Aside from the obvious, on vs. off, student vs. alum, you may not find a lot of difference. Just the same, if contacted, you'd be well advised to let the alum know that you've had an on-campus interview and that you'd be interested in meeting with him/her as well. You benefit several ways. Another opportunity to express your interest in Yale. And another opportunity to learn more about the school and the opportunities it presents to you.</p>

<p>i also had an on-campus... if they would JUST call for an alumni interview!</p>

<p>Does Yale read the applications before hand to see who gets an interview? Do they only offer interviews to people who have made "the first cut" and have a chance at admission?</p>