on campus job interview

<p>never had a job before, but i have an interview this monday for a job at student services center, the place where you get id cards and stuff. im a sophomore and have no idea what to wear. would slacks, a nice collared shirt, and dress shoes be good? or do i need to wear a button down and tie, or maybe even a suit?</p>

<p>slacks and collared shirt is enough, suit is excessive. Go in, be confident, easy going and professional. Its a student job so they probably dont expect you to have a lot of experience. Just have a good attitude</p>

<p>Agreed with Arctic. Even at competitive jobs, I don't wear a suit. A tie is optional, but depends with what you're comfortable wearing really.</p>

<p>i applied for that job and didn't get an interview. :(</p>

<p>@ arctic and oyama:</p>

<p>should i wear dress shoes? cuz i have no dress shoes here so i might have to borrow some from my friends or something.</p>

<p>@ frosting:</p>

<p>were you available to work the entire summer? i have some friends who applied as well who didn't get an interview either and i honestly don't know why i got one and they didn't cuz my resume has absolutely nothing on it, as i have no prior experience, while my friends have had SOME experience.</p>

<p>just dont wear running shoes. I'm sure if you wear jeans and a collared shirt and decent shoes you will be fine also.</p>

<p>last question: should i tuck my shirt in and wear a belt? lol.</p>



<p>black slacks, nice collared shirt tucked in, black leather belt, and black dress shoes imo.</p>

<p>Wearing a shirt and tie probably won't hurt you but not wearing that stuff might hurt you. It all depends on the person doing the interview. Some people will penalize you for not wearing a tie. Since you have no special experience to distinguish you from other applicants the way you look and act will be important to the interviewer. I would wear a tie to be safe. It cant hurt, it can only help your chances.</p>