On-campus Jobs

<p>So I'm planning to get a job on campus at Wellesley but I'm not sure what types of jobs are generally available to first-years.
I'm particularly interested in working in the admission office. Do they offer jobs to students?
If not, what types of on-campus jobs are out there?

<p>I have another question regarding on-campus jobs. I received significant financial aid, but an on campus job was not included in the package. However, I am interested in having one. Is it difficult to find an on-campus job if it is not included in your financial aid package? I know that people who have an on-campus job as part of their financial aid get priority in hiring…</p>

<p>There are lots of different job options available, from the dining halls to assisting in various offices to lifeguarding to nude modeling for the art department. There’s a two week hiring freeze for people who were not granted work-study, but people without it can still find jobs. You can also get a job off-campus at a store in town (Gap, Ann Taylor, Booksmith) or babysit (one advantage of going to school in a snooty upper-class suburb is that adult babysitting rates are just under double the hourly rate of what you could get for a campus job).</p>

<p>My daughter worked in the child development lab on campus and met several moms who liked her and asked her to babysit. Wendy Mouse is right - she made much more money babysitting and ended up getting to know some lovely families in Wellesley.</p>

<p>From my experience last fall trying to get a job, using our weird job site (JobMail or something), many of the jobs offered were only being offered to a) first years, and b) those with work study in their fin. aid package. I was legit unable to get any job except that in one of the dining halls. (although, to be honest, it actually pays more than positions in the library - though I don’t really know about raises or anything)</p>

<p>I do know a bunch of people who work off campus at the ice cream store, or at CVS, Bruegger’s, or the sporting good’s store by Peet’s (also Peet’s). You’d also probably be able to get more hours if you work off campus (I would assume? I know that I’m limited to 10, but a friend of mine works 18.) </p>

<p>To more specifically answer the OP’s question - yes, the admissions office does indeed hire during the Fall. I think they might once again be limiting it to first year students - but be aware that when I applied, I was applying with maybe 50 other students for 3 or 4 positions. It’s really tough to get a job when everyone else wants the same on, y’know?</p>