On campus work study

<p>How lenient are some of these job positions saying that you don't really have any job expeirence? Are Interviews required for every job?</p>

<p>I don't have much job experience, and I just had an interview for a position yesterday.</p>

<p>How did it go?</p>

<p>How did it go?
O and What can I put on my resume if I dont have any job expiereince cause I heard we cannot put things from High school besides jobs?
I feel very dumb with work-study.</p>

<p>i would suggest adding in volunteer work</p>

<p>It went okay I guess, I seemed to have fit into their schedule very well. I should be hearing from them in a couple days, I'll let you know if I get it.</p>

<p>I used zotlink to find the job, and on zotlink there is a resume builder which helps you to form one, even if you do not have much experience.</p>

<p>You can put high school stuff your freshman year of college. Its important that you highlight what you did. Maybe not freshman year of HS but any important volunteer work, or leadership or anything like that. I had some of that stuff on my Resume when I applied for research winter quarter of freshman year and it definitely helped.
Just slowly ditch the high school stuff as you do more your freshman year in college.</p>

<p>hmm... does high school GPA or Academic clubs or CSF. One of my friend made a resume and told me to put everything you have, its better than nothing.</p>