On Courseload...

<p>I often see on the "chance" threads that a person is lacking AP's before senior year. I know that students in some schools are actually allowed to take Ap courses in Freshman year...which makes absolutely no sense to me. How can you take a college level course in freshman year without an introductory class? (i.e. AP Bio)</p>

<p>My school only allows 2 Ap's junior year, and any number senior year, but the schedule doesn't work out so you can take any ap's before junior year. Furthermore, to even take 2 Ap's, you would have to drop Language + Elective + Take a summer course just to fit it in. </p>

<p>How does admissions look on this lack of AP's before Junior/Senior year? My courseload does have honors classes however.</p>

<p>Yea my school is the same. Would someone from another school who has many AP's have an advantage, or does the school profile come into factor?</p>

<p>No worries, you will be looked at in the context of your school. You might want to explain this policy somewhere on the application</p>

<p>How would one explain that if he/she was applying online?</p>

<p>usually your guidance counselor would explain this in the rec or it would be included in your school report</p>

<p>Every high school transcript is sent along with a high school profile from your school (if one is not sent we contact the school and request one). These profiles give the admissions counselors a ton of information about the context of the school and what is offered and at what level. These details provide the admissions counselors the information we need to review each student individually based on their own personal high school experience. We do not hold students to one set standard across all high schools, but rather review the student in the context of their own personal situation -- their high school, their community, etc.</p>

<p>So, all in all, you do not have to worry about things that are out of your control -- such as how many APs your school offers.</p>