On Line App

<p>If there's not enough room in the space provided for honors and awards, is it OK to include them on the additional information page?</p>

<p>Also, I could only fit 2 sentences (not very long ones) in the short answer space for what extracurricular is most important to me. Anybody else find the space way to little to say much of anything?</p>

<p>I hate the online app. I wrote a nice paragraph for the "why you want to attend" but now I have to break it up into multiple textboxes, which is lame.</p>

<p>lol poor baby.</p>


<p>Oh, btw, ColumbiaDreamin, the point of only having three in which to type your awards is so they can see the most important ones. Sending in add'l info about extra awards would have diminishing returns, as they prefer you only do so in certain cases.</p>

<p>I hate the online app... argh. I wrote out a great Why Columbia one and I have to cut it in half to fit it in. They are missing out on so much by having these stupid limits.</p>

<p>I am convinced one of the reasons for getting rejected last yr was due to the poor layout of the online app. Let me hear from those who got in. Did you used online app?
I did get into 2 other ivy's tho.</p>

<p>i used the paper app</p>

<p>AND sent in a bunch of stuff when things got desperate</p>

<p>Hey Yourworld - what Ivys did you get into? Was Columbia's so different from theirs?</p>

<p>Cornell & Dart RD. Cornell had own app. Dartmouth used common app + supplement. I submitted the paper forms.</p>

<p>Ewwwwwwwww, I'm even more nervous than ever now.......</p>

<p>Have faith in yourself. If its gonna happen, it's gonna happen.</p>

<p>I do hate the online app do but they prefer it so much!</p>

<p>"Have faith in yourself. If its gonna happen, it's gonna happen."</p>

<p>My mom told me that after I submitted my ED application.</p>