On-line Classes from BYU?

<p>Has anyone had any experience with on-line classes by BYU? D2 wants to take French as a freshman in HS, but the school only offers Spanish (very small public school). She asked the principal if there was anyway that she can take French (since it was offered until this year), and the principal said that only 5 kids signed up, and they couldn't have the class. One of her classmates is taking an on-line class from BYU. She received permission from the principal and her GC, and she signed up this weekend.</p>

<p>I was wondering if any one has any experience with their classes.</p>

<p>D2 took the BYU on-line health class her senior year of HS, since it was needed for graduation but she hadn't been able to fit it in her schedule. Our school district accepts the BYU courses for full credit. The course itself was fine.</p>

<p>I know somebody that took Spanish from BYU to get ahead a year. It seemed to be pretty good, and she even had to record herself with a microphone and send in a CD to graded on her verbal skills.</p>

<p>At first we were concerned about how she was going to learn to speak the language, but the requirement is that she has the capablity to listen to either a CD or audio on line. She also has to submit a CD or MP3 file to get graded on her oral skills.</p>

<p>My freshman D is currently taking Latin through BYU. Our small school offers only Spanish. We are pleased so far. I do think there are some inherent limitations with on-line classes. She has some questions that could be easily answered if a live teacher were present. Not so easy to do via computer. BYU does offer tutors, although they did not have one specifically for Latin. It was an easy process for contact and the tutor called her back at the day and time D had requested. BYU was the most cost effective of all the programs we researched. Our school has also worked with them in the past.</p>