On or Off Campus living at New College of Flordia

I have recently applied to New College of Flordia. I have liked everything I have seen and heard about them until I heard the dorms are awful. While I don’t mind dorm life(I went to boarding school for three years), I do mind living in dirty or unsafe dorms. Many people have said in reviews online that there is mold growing in some rooms, and I am very allergic to most forms of common mold(like my throat swells up and I have to go to the hospital). I was wondering if it would be better to live off campus, or if I even could as a freshman? I also heard that it is very hard to get off campus housing, but I am willing to pay whatever I have to if it means if it means that I can breathe on a daily basis lol.
Any form of advice would be great! Thanks and have a nice day!

It’s Florida. You will encounter mold somewhere more days than not, no matter where you live. It’s just a constant battle to keep mold in check in a tropical environment with close to 100% humidity. I haven’t been in the NCF dorms, but will tell you that the housing stock around NCF is almost 100% older, Florida homes… where you will also encounter mold.

I’m not saying this to dissuade you and NCF is a great college, but if you’re that allergic to mold Florida on the whole may not be the place for you. Just something to consider.

I understand what you mean. I am just worried about a large amount of mold, that is when it affects me most. Thank you for the advice and I will definitely think it over some more.

Definitely seems like visiting first (checking out dorms and housing nearby if possible) makes a lot of sense.

I am waiting for my acceptance letter to come in before I check it out, hopefully, it will be soon.

Have you been admitted?? Have you made your decision? My S is leaning heavily toward NCF and a girlfriend’s D going for sure next year. Would love to know who else is joining their Class of 2022!

I haven’t been admitted yet, but if I am then I am definitely going.

Hi, I’m looking at New College tomorrow with my daughter. Any dorm update?