On the UC weighting system

<p>The UC website stated that any honors (perhaps including pre-IB…) courses that are taken outside of the state of California* are not UC approved and thus receive no additional weight.
I was thinking about taking some online honors courses over the summer, but given the above rule, this would actually DECREASE my UC weighted GPA (while increasing my UW GPA slightly), even though the courses show up as honors on my transcript. If all the honors/pre-IB courses were recognized with the appropriate weight, the online courses would increase my GPA obviously, but this is not the case.
So, would I actually be hurting my admissions chances by taking these courses online?</p>

<p>*I am an OOS student…</p>

<p>well you might not really, since colleges also see what classes you’re taking, and will recognize the fact that you took efforts to learn something over the summer despite lowering your WGPA. all in all, it won’t hurt your chances; instead i feel like it will help you since you’re showing that you’re dedicated to learning more</p>