On to Housing...current NYU students,Have? ?????

<p>The housing thing is kinda confusing, mastered the logon and got my NYU e-mail account, sent in the $1000 (can't hurt to be early when it comes to housing) filled on the preference form online...but there are references to room mate questionairres and such. That stuff come later? Will it be online or through the mail?</p>

<p>I was accepted ED and woiuld be thrilled with Hayden. Some of the links are showing drastically different layouts within the building. Can you request a double/single or triple? This is stupid indulge me....are the bathrooms cleaned by NYU help or are we scrubbin? Do the larger or less "occupied" rooms cost more? Some show what appear to be old kitchen spaces? Are these just outcoves now? What's the closet situation in general? Can you hang stuff OVER the doors? (someone said I think in U hall the prewar doors won't let you hang anything like a shoe rack?)</p>

<p>Finally, what's move in day like? How many days before the first day of classes is it? How can 800 kids move into a building with only so many elevators at once? Do they stagger the move in times? Are there places for parents to stand with the car while it's being unloaded?</p>

<p>Just Can't picture it. I attended a few summer programs at different (non-urban) campuses and it was CRAAAAZZZY getting into the dorms...can't imagine the same process in Manhattan!</p>

<p>The roommate questionnaire is online, but it's literally 3 questions and I don't know if it really helps.</p>

<p>You can't really choose the type of room you get, except if you opt for a low cost triple. You won't get a single. You clean the bathrooms. The rates are whatever they are on the website - generally, a double will cost the same as another double in the same dorm, no matter the size. I believe all the kitchens have been torn out of the traditional-style dorms, so they're probably just alcoves. Can't say anything specific about closets, but UHall is NOT prewar, so I think you might be confused about that...</p>

<p>I always came the day before move-in and just moved everything in then. You can look up the exact day online. It'll probably be the same as what you've already experienced, except you'll have to unload everything at the curb and have a parent drive the car and park it somewhere while you wait in line...</p>

This is stupid indulge me....are the bathrooms cleaned by NYU help or are we scrubbin?


<p>You're scrubbing. NYU help generally only cleans the hallways outside of the rooms.</p>

<p>Er, in Hayden, there are no kitchens, and it's the same situation in Rubin, Brittany, Goddard, and Weinstein. Uhall and Third North do have kitchens, though. Bigger rooms within a specific dorm cost the same as smaller ones, but it's luck of the draw your freshman year. Apt. style costs more than traditional style, though, if that's what you're asking.</p>

<p>Move-in day is chaotic. Uhall's wasn't so bad, since they basically had 13th St. reserved and the elevators in our building are large. I heard Rubin's was much worse, because their elevators are tiny. Expect long lines no matter where you are (unless you get in really early or REALLY late), and if you're in a lower floor, take the stairs. At Uhall this year, they had us unload everything at the back entrance, then move it inside... you couldn't leave your car in the circle and bring stuff in bit by bit, because you'd be slowing the process down.</p>

<p>Move-in day is the day before Welcome Week begins, and Welcome Week is the week before classes begin (so the week before Labor Day). I think we had to sign up for a time block to get there during, but a lot of people don't stick to it, so you end up with the chaos described above anyway. And like I said (and like youkosiren also said), you probably have to unload everything before your parent goes somewhere else to park the car.</p>

<p>Is Tisch orientation during Welcome Week?</p>

<p>The survey matters. I have only anecdotal evidence, but Id say the liberal, conservative question tends to matter. They generally place liberals with liberal students, and conservatives with conservative students. Typically liberal students at NYU will be much different from their conservative counterparts.</p>

<p>From my experience, I'd answer this question based on how you want your roomate to be, not based on your personal views.</p>

<p>where exactly is the roommate questionnaire (do they send it in the mail or is it online)?</p>