Once again...Chances

<p>Here is the same old story...thanks...</p>

<p>GPA: 3.9/4.0 (AP classes are the only weighted: +.5; this is 8-11)
GPA: 4.0/4.0 (Currently in Senior Year)
8th grade was Algebra 1 and French 1</p>

<p>SAT I: 710 Verbal; 740 Math (I got 740 math twice, if that means anything)
SAT II: Math IIC: 800; Writing: 630(retook nov); Physics: 650(retook nov)</p>

-Honor Roll Every Semester
-Best AP Computer Science Student in School
-Top Scorer in Varsity Math League
-Top Scorer in Junior Varisty Math League
-Best German 1 Student Award
-Straight A's in German Award
-3rd Place Engineering Fair
-UVA's summer program for gifted students: studied robotics, requires application, transcript, and recommendations, selective
-3.8 GPA Academic Honors Letter</p>

-Maintain my own website, which includes programming tutorials, school help (calculus, government, physics, etc), my own games, and other stuff
-Coached Basketball and Baseball for City's Youth Association since 8th grade
-Head of Programming for school's FIRST Robotics Team
-Varsity Math Team
-Junior Varsity Math Team
-Basketball and Baseball (not school teams)
-Vice President of German Honor Society
-Treasurer of German Club
-National Honor Society
-Volunteer at Air and Space Museum</p>

<p>Essays: I think they are really good, and the career counselor at my school read them and agreed.</p>

<p>Recs: Really good as well, from stat and comp sci teacher.</p>

<p>All of my classes have been either Honors and AP Level
AP Level Classes:
-Computer Science (5 on exam)
-Stat (4 on exam, really mad i didn't get a 5)
-US History(4 on exam)
-Calc BC (this year, highest average in school, 100.9, well above everyone)
-Physics C Mechanical
-English (whichever one is for 12th grade usually)

<p>Our school has an Academy for advanced training in a subject, in that I am taking: Network Design and Engineering</p>

<p>My grades in junior year, the most important year was:
Precalc Honors: A
English Honors: A
AP Comp sci: A
AP US Hist: A
AP Stat: A
German 3: A
Physics Honors: A</p>

<p>My only "bad"(not horrible, but worse than other years by a lot) year was freshmen year to do a head injury and I missed a lot of school, but my counselor is explaining that in a separate letter.</p>

<p>The schools I am applying to are:
Cornell Engineering (ED): Reach?
Carnegie Mellon Univ. Institute of Technology (RD): Maybe?
UVA Engineering (RD): I'm hoping b/c I am in state
Virginia Tech Engineering (RD): Confident</p>

<p>Also, the county I live in has one of the best public school systems in the country, Fairfax County, if that helps.</p>

<p>What do you think (please respond), thanks, i hope i didn't forget anything.</p>

<p>oh yeah, my school doesn't do ranks, but i am definately in the top 10% out of 600+</p>

<p>Which Fairfax County school are you in? I'm in West Springfield. I assume you're in Marshall or Edison, w/the academy....</p>

<p>....anyway, I'm sure you'll make Virginia Tech and UVa. I'm applying to their engineering programs too. Carnegie Mellon is a match for you, and I'd say the same for Cornell, since I know someone who went their last year with a similar record to yours.</p>

<p>Have you considered some e schools out in the midwest? Purdue, U. Mich, Illinois, and Rose-Hulman are all ranked higher than the engineering schools on your current list in U.S. News. (Purdue and Carnegie Mellon are tied for 8th, in fact) Purdue, U.Mich, and Rose-Hulman are quite easy to get in if you apply ASAP, since they do rolling admissions. You have a good chance for Illinois, but they keep very strict out-of-state standards, similar to the UC schools.</p>

<p>Good luck in your search. And hey, we better keep the FCPS boasts low, ok? I went down to Charlottesville a few months ago and there are students who aren't fond of a certain 1/3 of the UVA Undergrad body, since they're all from FCPS!</p>

<p>Chantilly, yeah I heard a lot of UVA people don't like Fairfax county kids, about 75% of freshmen class comes from here, thanks for the response, good luck to you too.</p>

<p>any opinion is great, thanks</p>

<p>please reply</p>

<p>Just my humble opinion of your chances at:</p>

<p>Cornell (ED): Slight Reach
Carnegie Mellon U (RD): Match
UVA (RD): Match
Virginia Tech (RD): Safety</p>

<p>I would add one or two of these: Rose-Hulman, Lafayette, Union, Trinity U, Villanova, Trinity C, Valparaiso. Just my humble opinion. Hope this helps.</p>

<p>Thanks, btw is slight reach like a maybe, or like a most likely not?</p>

<p>Might want to look at Lehigh, Holy Cross or Bucknell. HC offers joint engineering degree with WPI.</p>